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Not a bad game.

Most Clock Day games are intended to be simple and fun, so this was no exception. The animation was decent and the controls were easy to use. Of course, I'm so lousy at the game I'm not really sure what to say. I couldn't even get half the needed score on easy mode, so apparently I have given myself a bad name. The game is a fun challenge though, on the tough mode you keep thinking it's going to end but time doesn't move fast enough.

I could never really picture this itself as a game, but maybe one include in a series of clock-related mini games. The concept of it is sweet and simple, but just expanding on what to do would make it more amusing. The delay idea is a great touch, maybe add quick power up like "2x mouse speed" or "+3 seconds", something like that would make it more appealing in my mind. Anyways, happy belated Clock Day and keep up the good work.

Best Clock Day game this year.

I think the simplicity of this game is why I enjoyed it so much. The clicking got insane after a while, but it allowed the game to have easy controls which is always something to look for. The animation was great, I love the detail put into each of the fruits and the Tom power-up was a hilarious addition. There wasn't an increase in difficulty as it went on, but I liked the challenge of how the enemies frequently came at a different speed, it turned the game up a notch.

Users often overlook the idea that on Clock Day games can be made as well, I'm glad you took advantage of that. Movies on Clock Day generally do get the glory, but games are always a nice change of pace on that day so way to go against the curve and submit something much more exciting than a movie in my opinion. Great job on this one, I thoroughly enjoyed it and I hope the medals are fixed soon. Keep up the awesome work, man!

Rooble responds:

Thanks for the very long review :D

I personally think I wasted my time making this, but atleast there aren't many other clock day games to have competition with xD

Not my cup of tea.

It really shows that you two worked on this for two days, there wasn't much to do at this game. It was just collecting items at no cost and then going back for another task. Granted, that's what many adventure games are, but unfortunately this one did not have anything that was appealing and distinguished it from another game. I also had a glitch where I could not talk to the clock who sold the spaceship parts after I had collected all the gold, so I don't know if it's possible to finally "beat the game" unless I took the wrong approach upon it.

The music and animation were good, but that was all I can graciously say I liked about it. No depth or atmosphere was traditionally what I felt the biggest flaw was, simply walking in a circle with no difficulty. The only challenge in the game was digging the treasure, and after two times of that it got repetitive. The constant repetition made the game dull overall. I'm a fan of both of your work, but this game did not live up to par. Good luck with future submissions.

Pretty good game.

While I always find these zombie shooting games to be overdone, I like the little twist you guys put on it. The plot behind it with the sunscreen was clever, plus Fro did an excellent job with the voice acting at the beginning. The controls were alright, but the main turn-off was that it seemed like you just got a flat amount of money after every round instead of a progressing amount based on how well you performed each level. This way it was very limited on how we could spend our money through each playthrough.

I thought the soundtrack fit well in the game, the animation was good, and the storyline was funny. I thought opening scene was really good, I kinda wanted there to be more cutscenes and animated parts, or a final epic scene at the end. Another thing I would recommend is when upgrading on health, I wouldn't make it $100 to get full health, that way you're paying the same amount whether your health is at 90% or 10%. It seems reasonable to just make it $10 per 10%, but that's just me. Anyway, I like the way the game turned out, it was challenging and funny, a rare combination. Keep up the great work, you three!

Pretty good game.

I love how you incorporate video and flash into this game, that is a technique not approached by enough authors today. This game really reminded me of the Aliens from the Planet Dave game, which is one of my personal favorites. I like seeing Nick in your productions, he has really good timing and a funny delivery. The thing that brought down the score was I didn't like was how in the room there were not any directional arrows because I had no idea how to change scenes or how to continue the game. My favorite part was the sequence when Nick was jumping up the stairs, when he yelled "YEAH" I laugh so hard.

I wish you would have put instructions before each of the little games beforehand, the first time I played I thought the game was just escaping the room and the Pac-Man game was an extra game to play at the end. There was also several times when the voices would overlap each other and it got kinda annoying because I wanted to hear all the voices. It was still a unique game which I very much enjoy. I'll be sure to recommend this to the adventure games collection. Keep up the great work you guys!

Fro responds:

Thanks a lot! All advice will be taken into consideration!

A fantastic way to end the series.

This series has been amazing to watch grow and develop. It's incredibly entertaining to play a series of games that rely on brain power instead of the normal rapid-clicking of the mouse. I'm basically just stating in this paragraph how much I enjoy the concept of the Riddle School games, they never fail to amuse me. Everyone of them has been a step up from the previous, really gave me something to look forward to on this site.

The plot for this one was unbelievable, I had to take a few hints from your user page, but everything I couldn't do seemed so obvious when I did it. The puzzles in the nine block game were very challenging, I think I understood the logic behind it, but I'm afraid to be proven wrong, haha. I don't want to give away a major part of the difficulty at the end so hopefully you'll know what I mean, but when I realized "OH MY GOD, HE'S UPSIDE DOWN" I could not have felt like a bigger idiot. I spent so much time on that puzzle and the simple reasoning behind it made it even more clever.

I thought the new characters for this one were great, they fit into the story very well and impacted the story greatly. Diz was cool, I like how you snuck him into the previously games. Did you have a plan for Diz and this plot since Diz was on the poster in Riddle School 3? It's so funny you brought him back, the recurring things from the previous game still make me laugh.

The most amusing part of the game was going back to the previous games and killing your classmates. Nostalgia could not have been better exemplified in any game on this site. I wanted to see Chubb make an appearance in the dream sequence, seeing that him toppling over would be a perfect way for someone to die. Though the whistle and globe death sequences were creative, so I'll let it slide. It felt like I was playing the old games with a set of new eyes.

The animation and controls in this edition were smooth as always. I thought the animation you did for Earth looked amazing, plus the way you animate your characters was cool, very distinctive. I thought the special features were great too, seeing your rejected ideas was fun and Smiley being a girl blew my mind. The only thing I would have taken a point off for was how confusing the plot was, but your summary of it did a good job, so there's nothing to complain about.

The music for the dream sequences was the best audio I've heard throughout your whole series. It fit perfectly into the scene, gave me a real feeling and mood like I was about to take a big step in the game. It's amazing how something a small as the music tracks can be the difference in how a game is received, but I'm glad to say you've got a good ear for that kind of thing, so kudos.

I saw Riddle School 5 was in the portal, so I immediately jumped to your page to look for Riddle School 4. Upon playing it, I was disappointed and thought there was something else to it. April Fool's or not, I was pissed. Then seeing how crucial it was to the advancement of this story, I cannot thank you enough for showing us a piece of the puzzle so early. It really helped me understand what was happening and how the aliens plan was working. I could not imagine how confused I would have been If I had not seen that part beforehand.

In the end, this has continued to be one of the most promising series published to the Newgrounds community. Whether it is the witty humor, the creative plotlines, or the perplexing puzzles, this series does not disappoint. At no time in your games did I stop playing, something about them lures me to play them through to the end. This series sets the bar incredibly high for adventure games and is the prime example of how one should be created. I see no reason why these games shouldn't be at the top of the charts. The playability is great and... I kinda feel like I'm repeating myself, haha. I'll try to sum it up as best as I can:

JonBro, thank you for creating a model of how adventure games should be. Seeing this series evolve is something I love about your creations. This game was the perfect touch to end a fantastic series.

JonBro responds:

I feel like any response I could give this review wouldn't do it justice. This is... pretty much the best review I've ever received. Thank you so much!

Pretty good simulation.

This simulation had some errors and was missing things I would qualify as necessary in these computer simulations, such as more program files and a better internet model, but I thought some of the things in this were clever. You were the first person I saw who adapted the recycle bin in a funny way, so good job on that. I also liked the music documents, I was playing Gimme Shelter the whole time, but I thought it could use some more sounds that are relevant to computers, like a logging on sound, file could not be found, etc.

Most of the animating was good, your like flash you inserted was entertaining too, with a few more additions I think it could be submitted to this site as a single submission. The control panel was somewhat disappointing since nothing was clickable, but I suppose it is wishful thinking or something we can look forward to next edition. Anyway, keep up the good work guys, this was a neat simulation.

Eclipse responds:

Thanks man,we both appreciate the review. We could never really get the internet to work, we were planning on putting in a browser that actually functions but I can't figure it out, neither can Isaiah so I dunno. The control panel was a lot of wishful thinking as you said, most of the features that were grayed out will be added in a later version, along with a working browser or something similar. The lack of program files was actually laziness on my part, more of those will be added in the next version as well. The test flash I agree was good work on Isaiah's part, I'm not good in the art/animation area but he seemed to really pull that off for a test flash.

Thanks for the review!

Better than the first.

The animataion was more fluid in this edition of the game in my opinion, but I insist that disabling the tab key or making the mouse disappear when you hover over an item that is necessary to beat the level, it will provide even more of a challenge. Some levels got somethat repetitive, but I liked the one where you made the coconuts and rum fall out of the tree. The hat swap levels were a pain for me, but I felt proud when I accomplished them, haha.

I like the music a lot, it fit very well into the game. A big collection of this little minigames would be a great compilation to play, most of the levels are very creative and worth a few laughs. Overall, I thought this was another great addition to an awesome series that definately puts you in the Christmas spirit. Keep up the great work, man!

Zonferno responds:

Yeah good advice with the tab key, I'll have to remember that. Thanks a lot for the review! I'm pleased you enjoyed the game man.

Very fun game.

I thought the concept of this game was very creative, the levels were so simple but every one of them was a blast to play. I liked the Indiana Jones scene and the part with the bunny charging up against the other person was also funny. I would recommend disabling the tab key next time, I used it occasionally to solve some of the puzzles that were confusing.

The animation was nice, the scene where you drew heaven's gate looked extremely cool. The text was hard to read at times, especially the beginning, but it wasn't that big of a problem. Overall, it was an interesting game with humor and lots of bunnies. I'm hoping to see an Easter edition of this series in the future! Keep up the great work!

Zonferno responds:

Hey man, thanks for the review - great feedback that I'll keep in mind for the next game! Cheers!

Still rocks in our day and age.

It's games like this that exhibit the true essence of adventure games. I never played this when it was released, but it is ten times better than many games similar to it today. First off, I have to say that your taste in music is superior. I love Basket Case by Green Day, Alive by Pearl Jam, Volcano by Jimmy Buffett, and the Pina Colada song by Rupert Holmes. I recognized them all immediately, they were perfect in the jet ski scenes and the ending. They made the game even more enjoyable for me.

If anyone downgrades this game because the animation wasn't too great, they need to learn to grade by content, because this game had an awesome plot. The concept was so simple, and I thought everyone of the solutions made sense. The Dr Pepper one was confusing, but if anything it added to the humor. The shark minigame took me a while to get used to, but it was really fun. Overall, a great game, one that truly cannot be missed. I'm going to play the first one right now. Keep up the excellent work!

I think I just blurb'd myself.

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