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Groovy tune, bro!

First of all, I've listened to the song a few times through already and I must say that after each listen I notice something from the song I hadn't heard before. I was extremely impressed by the transitions from one beat to another because every one of them flowed smoothly and effectively. The parts where it would all of a sudden go silent and then the beat would build up sounded great, surprised me every time.

I especially like the part at the 5 minute mark when all the previous rhythms joined together. The lullaby-like opening was also a great way to start the song and definitely deserves some recognition. I could see this song in an adventure game of sorts, it seems like it would fit on a map level or during a cut scene. Overall, fantastic work, fully deserving of a perfect score. Keep up the great work!

Chronamut responds:

hunh.. trance in video games.. never even occurred to me in my wildest dreams.. seems I'll never be able to get away from the videogame world no matter how hard I try hehehe,..

and yes the 5 minute mark was my face part too - there is one part earlier on where the secondary lead coems in rather sudden - that was actually a broken automation - it's supposed to fade in - may fix that one day.

And thanks for your kind words and the perfect review!


It sounds awesome, it really does.

I was highly impressed by this audio submission, I had always thought of you as solely a flash animator or artist, but have talent in audio as well ws a huge surprise to me. The part at the beginning was my favorite when the beat was going up and down the scales, but the parts where the mandolin was overlapping the beat sounded very professional, I loved how it sounded like the mandolin was out of tune at first but then when it joined the flow of the regular tempo it sounded spectacular, fantastically done.

The part where you hear the static at the minute mark with all the background noise reminded me of the part in Sabotage by the Beastie Boys where the guitar dies down and builds back up slowly, the transition was reminiscent of that. I also loved the ending, I would add a few more empty seconds after the ending of the song because the ending is great, but you should notify it is an actual song and not necessarily a loop (if that's what you're going for). Anyway, I'm adding this to my favorites for sure, it was a mature piece of yours that was musically and stylistically brilliant. Keep up the excellent work, my mind was blown.

HolyKonni responds:

Wow. This is incredible. Thank you so much!

That's a sweet sound.

The beat at the beginning of the song was so sick, it transitioned perfectly into the opening verses. I would highly recommend putting the lyrics in the author's comments because the voices at the beginning were difficult to understand. I like the effect of the multiple layers of voices but I would make sure not to overdo it in your next piece. The only words I could realy understand were factory and robot.

I wish you would have submitted it on Robot Day, it would have been sure to gain some popularity on there. The second half of the song also didn't have any personal flair to it, it seemed to me like it was merely robot sounds with a loop. Don't get me wrong, it was one of the best songs I've heard in a while, but it lacked consistency. Anyway, I thought this was a funky and creative song, keep up the good work Konni!

HolyKonni responds:

thanks bro!! adding the lyrics right now!

It's alright.

In my opinion, it took too long for there to be an actual beat in the song. First you had the loopy electric sounding part, then the drum, and then the synthesizer beat which didn't sound that good toppled on top of each other. I thought the synthesizer beat was good for the song, but it was consistently the same beat and never changed which got annoying.

Try taking away one of the layers of sound every so often so it doesn't sound so messy. When all the parts of the song were playing at the same time it became difficult to listen to. Aside from that, it was a decent song. Keep me updated on your future audio submissions, I'm looking forward to hearing them. Keep up the nice work.

alphaswitch responds:

thanks for the review - ill try to work on the stuff you suggested

It's got a good tune.

I don't normally do this, but at the beginning of the song when that simple beat was playing, I got up and started dancing, no joke. It sounded like a song that would be playing in a puzzle game. It's really cool imagining what types of weather are being encountered based on the different chapters of this piece. I wasn't to crazy about the rain one (the second part of the song), but I like how it kinda sounded like an Indian or Egyptian rain dance song, or at least that's what I imagined it as.

The time you put into this song is clearly evident, it's great how this song is made up into many parts and timing in over four and a half minutes, and still every part of the tune is appealing. The first part was still my favorite, but the whole song is enjoyable. I'm definitely adding you to my favorite audio artists, and I'm sure you're the only one on that list. Keep up the fantastic work man, I'm always a fan!

PuffballsUnited responds:

Wow this is an awesome review! The second part of the song is actually meant to be Heat which is why it sounded indian/egyptian. I guess the heat sound may sound like rain. Thanks for adding me as a favorite artist!! :D

That's a catchy tune.

The song sort of reminds me of the Scooter song Maria (I Like It Loud), proably because of the audience noises and the bouncy sounding beat. The only thing I deducted from is when you transition from one beat or rhythm to another, there wasn't a real slide into the transition, it seemed out of place when you listen to it. The ending also didn't sound compelling with the current beat.

Overall, it is a catchy song that does make you feel happy. I could definately see this being used in a game in the future, it would be perfect in a game where you're jumping from place to place. I thought you did a really good job with this one, it will be stuck in my head all day. Keep up the fantastic work!

Assios responds:

Thanks for your review! ^^ I kinda messed up with the ending:p

Sounds depressing.

Despite the downcast melody in the song, I really appreciate how you combined the instruments to make a classical foundation in the song. The piano evolving throughout the song sounded great. Sometimes the combination of instruments you used did not sound that great in my opinion, especially at the three minute mark, but aside from that, I thought this piece sounded very nice. Plus the ending seemed perfect. Keep up the great work!

MusicMyOxygen responds:

I somewhat intended for it to have a sad feel to it, so I dont mind it comoing through. In that 3 minute section I believe it was the cello, flute and violin. Granted, the cello on finale does sound a bit odd when you give it chords haha. I understand what you're saying. I'm glad you liked it, and thank you for the review.

Sounds good.

I like the organ-sounding instrument in this piece, it sounded exceptionally calming. You kept somewhat of the same beat in the beginning, which made me lose interest a bit, but it was nice how the beat changed to fast rhythm and then slowly dies back down. Overall, I thought it sounded somewhat medeival, but I like all the percussion melodies that you established throughout the song. Keep up the excellent work!

MusicMyOxygen responds:

Thank you very much for your review. Yes, I do keep a similiar beat in the background for the majority of this song. I'll work on adding more complexity. I agree with you it has a slight medeival sound to it, as well. Thank you once again for your review, I really appreciate it.

I like it.

When I heard the first part of the song, I invisioned it in a video game where a person was in a dream sequence. Then I saw your author comments, and it makes perfect sense that this is about sleep. Plus it flowed perfectly from the end to the beginning, it sounded like it was the same song continuing. By far, this is your best and my favorite song of yours. Keep up the excellent work!

My goodness!

It's clear to say I will never experience a song again with the same concept as this one. Right from the opening line, I was automatically hooked. It was an orginal concept for a song, but adding lyrics or not making the words run over each other would help me understand the song better. The Brokeback Mountain part was funny, plus the woodblock in the background seemed pointlessly funny. Keep up the good work!

I think I just blurb'd myself.

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