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Good for a first attempt.

It's probably gonna be weird listening to me reviewing your piece since we have talked so many times in different places, so be aware, I'm about to appear as a whole new person.

The piece overall is funny, not much Pac-Man art on this site so it's a nice change of pace. I prefer the art you used for Pac-Man much more than the art on Blinky. You used good symmetry on Pac-Man, but Blinky, especially on his finger and his bottom, lacks proportion. It looks more like jagged lines than what the ghosts from the game are appeared to look like.

Another thing I noticed was the distance the pellets are from each other. I know it's a minuscule detail, but I have to be nit-picky in many of these areas. It's more noticeable than you would think, but just a simple change in width can fix that up quick. In the end, it's a good piece of art, funny concept and nicely done overall. Keep up the nice work and I HOPE THIS REVIEW DOESN'T AFFECT OUR FRIENDSHIP!!

Ptero responds:

Just kidding, thanks for the review.

Brutally neat.

I think it's an odd concept for a piece of art, but normally it is the odd ones that get my attention. I understand how it is intended to be dark, but it also makes it difficult to comprehend the actual quality of the skull. You can tell some of the detail is there, especially the eye which I really like, but it is hard to tell how well that actual picture is polished. I really think the idea of it is cool, but just putting attention on the small things will bring out the picture greatly. Anyway, keep up the good work, man!

Erty responds:

I could have lit things up and made the details clearer, but I chose to let it be bit blurred and dark, to symbolize the unknown about death.

Yet again, thanks for a great review, dude!

Nice one.

You definitely got the face right, luckily I just read a Wikipedia article about Pink Floyd and found out who David Gilmour was. I like the way the guitar looks, but ti seems like it's coming from a weird angle, and the shading above his eye looks odd, somewhat different than what the reference image showed. Overall, it was a nice drawing and well-matched to the original. It was not simply a brick in the wall, but a good piece of art. Keep up the good work man!

Mezmerization responds:

I agree about the odd shading of the eye and it seeming like it was coming from a weird angle. Thanks for the review.

Funny concept.

I'm not sure I would approve of Hulaloo being prime minister, but I think the idea of this art piece is great. I don't really understand what is going on in the background of the piece, but I like the effect you used to draw Hulaloo, it makes it look somewhat like an actual presidential portrait. Anyway, decent artwork and a good story gets you an eight. Keep up the good work, man.

Horsenwelles responds:

thanks for the positive outlook on my somewhat spam related submission :)

Looks great.

The light in the middle of this piece makes it seem like all the wisps of the brush are revolving around it, I love the color scheme and effects on it. The ether thing at the bottom is cool, but I would have preferred it not been straight text being pulled away, it's a neat way to show your name, but it is somewhat distracting from the overall piece. Anyway, I love the tone and the visuals are very appealing. Keep up the nice work, bro.

Flash-Gamers responds:

Hey thanks, before I really tweeked it....it almost look like a rasengan from Naruto.
Yeah, your rite my name does take your attention away from the main picture, but that's why I made center of the picture so bright.

Did just my plain name cuz it is a simple design, and I thought if I added anything is then my picture would've been to busy.

Thanks for the review!


It's neat how you transformed P-Bot into your own style of characters, I like it. By the way, who is the character on the far right? I thought it was Zoidburg from Futurama at first, haha. I like the way you drew the exhaust coming out of the space car in the back, that was really appealing to the eye. I like how many of the small things in your art pieces help make up the whole picture. Anyway, keep up the nice work, man.

Homocidicle responds:

The character on the far right was supposed to alien homnid, and also thanks man I appreciate it.


This picture is executed very well, but it frightens me on several levels. I do like the black and white effect, but is the man with the face on his chest is scaring the hell out of me. It's very well done though, I wouldn't dare take off a point for it being a horror themed picture. Overall, I like the style and personal charisma you involved in the artwork, very creative. Anyway, keep up the good work and I hope you do well in the contest.

Homocidicle responds:

Thanks man, you pointed out a few things I missed there.


I like the style of characters in this piece, they all look very unique. My favorite is the guy on the far right, his nose looks like a sock, haha. I would have preferred to see some more color, but if that was the mood you were going for, than I'm all for it. Not sure what you were aiming for in this piece, but I get a feeling like I'm looking at a movie poster for a science fiction film when I see it. Overall, I like the creatvity. Keep up the good work.

Homocidicle responds:

It's for a contest about comics, thanks.

Extremely awesome.

I don't see many three-dimensional pictures on this site, but I was impressed by the effort you put into this one. It looks like something from World of Warcraft, the graphics are extremely well done. The thing that impressed me most was how spooky you made the sky look, it sets a haunting tone over the whole piece. I also thought the way you made the fire look was cool. Nothing to complain about, this was amazing. When you get scouted I'm definately saving this into my favorites. I'll recommend you to the art portal, I don't want good work like this to go unnoticed. Keep up the awesome work!

rockyace42 responds:

Thanks so much man. Don't you just ache to know what happened to the village to make it look all gloomy and ruined? Because that was sort of my goal. And thanks for the scout, means a lot to me.

Very nice.

I recognized that this was Meatboy right away, so you did an excellent job in the element of character design. I like how you included the meat splotches underneath Meatboy just like in the games. The shading and colors look fantastic, plus the transparent background makes it look even better. Meatboy havin an actual face is pretty clever too. Keep up the excellent work!

Homocidicle responds:


I think I just blurb'd myself.

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