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The epitome of Clock Day.

I can't find a single thing wrong with this flash which is difficult to say, especially on Clock Day. The animation style and techniques you used are superb, not comparable to anyone else I've seen on this site. I also love the effect you used where the man's shorts' color moves with the background, I'd seen that done on television before but never in flash, so I applaud you for that. The song was also rockin', fit extremely well in the flash. I'll probably be giving these Culture Beat guys a look after this.

There may have been a message in this flash, I'm not sure, if there was one it probably flew over my head. The thing that I liked most about this was how it was showing distinction between the man and Strawberry's world. Clock Day always seems like another world to me, so I was slightly able to relate to the flash. While it didn't have the humor associated with Clock Day, you definitely came through with great animation and appeal to the audience. Maybe the best Clock Day flash I've seen yet. Keep up the great work!

FoXcatO responds:

Thank you for your well thought out + lengthy review.
I'm glad you liked the effect on the shorts, I actually think it turned out pretty neat myself:)
Yeah Culture Beat are really great. You really should look them up.

More flash is coming that's for sure:D

This flash IS Clock Day.

This flash is what all Clock Day flashes should strive to be. Great sound and music choices, the part with Tom was fantastic and the bees part was classic. The whole tweening bit was sorta overplayed but I loved the style of the animation, it was very well done. My favorite parts were when the Clocks were speaking German and of course when Tom came and saved Strawberry. I can overcome the confusion I watched mainly due to all the laughs I had throughout the film.

I'm never sure what to expect on Clock Day, but your flashes never seem to disappoint. The random antics and sound bites all make this flash truly one of a kind and really does represent the essence of Clock Day. Not much too complain about, but I foresee some other awards for this flash in the future. To date, this is my favorite Clock flash of the year. Keep up the fantastic work you two!

One crazy collaboration.

I thought the animation for all the pieces were good, I liked how each author put their own style into the segments. I thought many of the endings were predictable, as it seemed like the first handful of cartoons always ended with someone blowing up, I'm not saying it wasn't funny, but all the segments seemed to run together as I really cant remember them after watching them no less than two minutes ago. My favorite part was definitely the Quizno's one, the Toasty! sound bite never seemed to disappoint.

The sound effects that were used seemed to be increasingly louder as the flash drew on, it was difficult to be attentive the whole time due to the blaring sounds that were distracting from the actual point (if there was one) to some of the flashes. I would also like to see some of the parts lengthened, as many of them had potential but it seemed like they just stopped with a cliche ending. The voice acting was so-so. But anyway, I would recommend making a sequel, I sense growth in you authors and am looking forward to viewing the finished product. Keep up the good work you guys!

OnionsXD responds:

I really agree with most of what you said and I must say you did a pretty good analysis of the cartoon. This isn't the best and I know that now and the humopr could've been a bit better. We are working on the sequel now and it is almost finished and its humor is way better...because it has punch lines! :P

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Not a bad game.

Most Clock Day games are intended to be simple and fun, so this was no exception. The animation was decent and the controls were easy to use. Of course, I'm so lousy at the game I'm not really sure what to say. I couldn't even get half the needed score on easy mode, so apparently I have given myself a bad name. The game is a fun challenge though, on the tough mode you keep thinking it's going to end but time doesn't move fast enough.

I could never really picture this itself as a game, but maybe one include in a series of clock-related mini games. The concept of it is sweet and simple, but just expanding on what to do would make it more amusing. The delay idea is a great touch, maybe add quick power up like "2x mouse speed" or "+3 seconds", something like that would make it more appealing in my mind. Anyways, happy belated Clock Day and keep up the good work.

Best Clock Day game this year.

I think the simplicity of this game is why I enjoyed it so much. The clicking got insane after a while, but it allowed the game to have easy controls which is always something to look for. The animation was great, I love the detail put into each of the fruits and the Tom power-up was a hilarious addition. There wasn't an increase in difficulty as it went on, but I liked the challenge of how the enemies frequently came at a different speed, it turned the game up a notch.

Users often overlook the idea that on Clock Day games can be made as well, I'm glad you took advantage of that. Movies on Clock Day generally do get the glory, but games are always a nice change of pace on that day so way to go against the curve and submit something much more exciting than a movie in my opinion. Great job on this one, I thoroughly enjoyed it and I hope the medals are fixed soon. Keep up the awesome work, man!

Rooble responds:

Thanks for the very long review :D

I personally think I wasted my time making this, but atleast there aren't many other clock day games to have competition with xD

Not my cup of tea.

It really shows that you two worked on this for two days, there wasn't much to do at this game. It was just collecting items at no cost and then going back for another task. Granted, that's what many adventure games are, but unfortunately this one did not have anything that was appealing and distinguished it from another game. I also had a glitch where I could not talk to the clock who sold the spaceship parts after I had collected all the gold, so I don't know if it's possible to finally "beat the game" unless I took the wrong approach upon it.

The music and animation were good, but that was all I can graciously say I liked about it. No depth or atmosphere was traditionally what I felt the biggest flaw was, simply walking in a circle with no difficulty. The only challenge in the game was digging the treasure, and after two times of that it got repetitive. The constant repetition made the game dull overall. I'm a fan of both of your work, but this game did not live up to par. Good luck with future submissions.

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It sounds awesome, it really does.

I was highly impressed by this audio submission, I had always thought of you as solely a flash animator or artist, but have talent in audio as well ws a huge surprise to me. The part at the beginning was my favorite when the beat was going up and down the scales, but the parts where the mandolin was overlapping the beat sounded very professional, I loved how it sounded like the mandolin was out of tune at first but then when it joined the flow of the regular tempo it sounded spectacular, fantastically done.

The part where you hear the static at the minute mark with all the background noise reminded me of the part in Sabotage by the Beastie Boys where the guitar dies down and builds back up slowly, the transition was reminiscent of that. I also loved the ending, I would add a few more empty seconds after the ending of the song because the ending is great, but you should notify it is an actual song and not necessarily a loop (if that's what you're going for). Anyway, I'm adding this to my favorites for sure, it was a mature piece of yours that was musically and stylistically brilliant. Keep up the excellent work, my mind was blown.

HolyKonni responds:

Wow. This is incredible. Thank you so much!

That's a sweet sound.

The beat at the beginning of the song was so sick, it transitioned perfectly into the opening verses. I would highly recommend putting the lyrics in the author's comments because the voices at the beginning were difficult to understand. I like the effect of the multiple layers of voices but I would make sure not to overdo it in your next piece. The only words I could realy understand were factory and robot.

I wish you would have submitted it on Robot Day, it would have been sure to gain some popularity on there. The second half of the song also didn't have any personal flair to it, it seemed to me like it was merely robot sounds with a loop. Don't get me wrong, it was one of the best songs I've heard in a while, but it lacked consistency. Anyway, I thought this was a funky and creative song, keep up the good work Konni!

HolyKonni responds:

thanks bro!! adding the lyrics right now!

It's alright.

In my opinion, it took too long for there to be an actual beat in the song. First you had the loopy electric sounding part, then the drum, and then the synthesizer beat which didn't sound that good toppled on top of each other. I thought the synthesizer beat was good for the song, but it was consistently the same beat and never changed which got annoying.

Try taking away one of the layers of sound every so often so it doesn't sound so messy. When all the parts of the song were playing at the same time it became difficult to listen to. Aside from that, it was a decent song. Keep me updated on your future audio submissions, I'm looking forward to hearing them. Keep up the nice work.

alphaswitch responds:

thanks for the review - ill try to work on the stuff you suggested

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Good for a first attempt.

It's probably gonna be weird listening to me reviewing your piece since we have talked so many times in different places, so be aware, I'm about to appear as a whole new person.

The piece overall is funny, not much Pac-Man art on this site so it's a nice change of pace. I prefer the art you used for Pac-Man much more than the art on Blinky. You used good symmetry on Pac-Man, but Blinky, especially on his finger and his bottom, lacks proportion. It looks more like jagged lines than what the ghosts from the game are appeared to look like.

Another thing I noticed was the distance the pellets are from each other. I know it's a minuscule detail, but I have to be nit-picky in many of these areas. It's more noticeable than you would think, but just a simple change in width can fix that up quick. In the end, it's a good piece of art, funny concept and nicely done overall. Keep up the nice work and I HOPE THIS REVIEW DOESN'T AFFECT OUR FRIENDSHIP!!

Ptero responds:

Just kidding, thanks for the review.

Brutally neat.

I think it's an odd concept for a piece of art, but normally it is the odd ones that get my attention. I understand how it is intended to be dark, but it also makes it difficult to comprehend the actual quality of the skull. You can tell some of the detail is there, especially the eye which I really like, but it is hard to tell how well that actual picture is polished. I really think the idea of it is cool, but just putting attention on the small things will bring out the picture greatly. Anyway, keep up the good work, man!

Erty responds:

I could have lit things up and made the details clearer, but I chose to let it be bit blurred and dark, to symbolize the unknown about death.

Yet again, thanks for a great review, dude!

Nice one.

You definitely got the face right, luckily I just read a Wikipedia article about Pink Floyd and found out who David Gilmour was. I like the way the guitar looks, but ti seems like it's coming from a weird angle, and the shading above his eye looks odd, somewhat different than what the reference image showed. Overall, it was a nice drawing and well-matched to the original. It was not simply a brick in the wall, but a good piece of art. Keep up the good work man!

Mezmerization responds:

I agree about the odd shading of the eye and it seeming like it was coming from a weird angle. Thanks for the review.

I think I just blurb'd myself.

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