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Posted by sumidiotdude - March 15th, 2009

I am a regular on this site and several usernames have caught my attention. Comment on this post and I will tell you whether I approve or disapprove your username. If you wish, you can tell me how your username came to be, I might feel sympathy for you and approve it. I have to give props to Proottalfain for coming up with this idea and allowing me to use it. He also has a nice username.

I would probably change my username if I had the chance. Well, not change it entirely, but I would rather it be SumidiotDude than sumidiotdude.

Take note, I will not go easy on you.


I came up with that. :)

I will approve or disapprove your username.

Posted by sumidiotdude - March 1st, 2009

I have had a sweet tooth for the past couple of days, and I really need to try some new candies. For Valentine's Day I received a bunch of Kit-Kat bars and Airheads, but it just wasn't filling. I really like Crunch bars, Skittles, and Starburst too, but I need something else. What is your favorite type of candy? I might just go and buy it.

Anyway, if someone wants a review for their flash or audio, please let me know. I have very low standards, but please don't say "Review all my flash", please give me a specified one.

I am also participating in the Monkey Round the World experiment. I am representing the Tar Heel State, North Carolina. Let's hope it will be a big success!

Leave me some love,


Favorite kind of candy? Need a review?

Posted by sumidiotdude - February 15th, 2009

And it is quite possibly the greatest comedy album of all time.

I've been a fan of Andy, Jorma, and Akiva from their Awesometown origins, and it is really interesting to see how much they have evolved. I've always loved Just 2 Guyz and The 'BU, but their new stuff like Boombox and The Old Saloon are a breath of fresh air. Their lyrics are ridiculous and obscure, but they really make you laugh, mainly due to their stupidity. While several of their songs are from SNL, such as Jizz in my Pants and Dick in a Box, it is still refreshing to hear them with all of the audience laughter excluded from it. I'll name the songs that you should download from the album:

Jizz in my Pants
We like Sportz
I'm on a Boat
Sax Man
Natalie Portman Rap
Ras Trent
Dick in a Box
Space Olympics
Lazy Sunday
The Old Saloon
Who Said We're Wack?

Yep, I feel those are the best ones from the Incredibad album, but they are all very good. The album came with a bonus DVD that has abunch of their music videos, it makes the songs even funnier. I can just imagine these guys winning a Grammy for best comedy album, that would be outrageous. Does anyone else have this CD? It is truly Ka-Blamo!

Leave me some love,

Just Bought The Lonely Island's New CD

Posted by sumidiotdude - February 1st, 2009

The Shape N' Shape Collab

Check it out, drop us a line.

May Shapes Be Praised!

Posted by sumidiotdude - January 18th, 2009

Well, this did not work out like I had planned. I was originally going to post about my new and popular Shape n' Shape Collab that was coming up, but apparently my front page privelages were not allowed for another seven days. So, the deadline is tonight, so if you have any Shape n' Shape collab pieces you would like to submit, please send them to me at mack_28277@yahoo.com. Look out for the collab, it may be a two-part piece.

Anyway, I'll spawn off this post with some clubs I hope you will join.
The Office Fan Club
American Idol Club

Leave me some love,

The Shape n' Shape Collab

Posted by sumidiotdude - January 4th, 2009

Hey Newgrounds, Happy New Year!

If any of you are fans of NBC or BBC's "The Office," feel free to join the new Office club in the BBS.
We are basically lacking some members, and if anyone would like to talk about the show or the characters feel free to join or just stop on by. I'll also be making some sigs that say "The Office Fan Club" for anyone who would like one.

Dunder-Mifflin employees, unite!

Join The Office Fan Club!

Posted by sumidiotdude - December 18th, 2008

Well, the college football season is almost over, and the national championship will be upon us soon. Two powerhouses, Oklahoma and Florida, will be battling in the championship, and I am wondering who you think will win.

Here is my theory:


Sam Bradford - An excellent quarterback, Heisman winner, and has helped Oklahoma average 50+ points in all of their games.

Their defense is great, though their defensive tacle DeMarcus Griffin will miss the championship due to surgery. Not a huge loss, but it is important.


Tim Tebow - Heisman winner, two-time nomination for Heisman, and a wise passer and scrambler. Tebow's wise running is a sure-target if they wish to beat Oklahoma.

Defensively, their defensive backs are best in the league, and their D-line looks promising. Blitzing hard and getting interceptions will be crucial in the big game.


I'm a Penn State fan, and since I'm a neutral party, I think Florida will squeak by with a victory. Sure, Oklahoma has a Heisman winner for their QB, but so does Florida. Tebow is more experienced than Bradford I feel, and Oklahoma should be prepared for the running game.

If Florida wins, it will be by a touchdown. If Oklahoma wins, it will have to be a blowout.

Speaking of Oklahoma, here's a video on them:

/* */
Anyway, that's my pick. Also, I'm pulling for the Panthers to go to the Super Bowl.

Leave me some love,



Posted by sumidiotdude - December 2nd, 2008

Sorry you weren't invited to the party.

Today is my dog's birthday.

Posted by sumidiotdude - November 10th, 2008

*Actually, if you want to keep you analysis to yourself, that's fine. But if not...


Even bigger than the recent political race, Newgrounds needs your opinion!
Which game franchise (in your thoughts) is better? Rock Band or Guitar Hero. You can base it on success, sales, or how much you enjoy it. If you do not wish to stop there, you can continue and say which one specifically you like most. Anyway, I just figured this would be a fun way for us Newgrounders to get to know each other better.

Here is an example:

I like Rock Band better because it has a larger variety of songs. I enjoy it because they fret buttons on the guitar are better than those on Guitar Hero. I also like the "Create a Character" feature.

A BAD example is:

I vote five on all of LegendaryFrog's submissions everyday!!


I like Rock Band.

If you really want to go out on a limb, you can also debate your favorite song on the franchise. In a couple of days I will say all the winners. In case you didn't follow, here are the categories you can vote in:

Best Franchise (Rock Band vs. Guitar Hero)

Best Game ( i.e. Rock Band 2 or Guitar Hero 3)

Best Song ( i.e. Killing in the Name or Gimme Shelter)

If you feel really lazy, you can just post your answers to the three above categories. But I warn you, is you do, I will judge you very unfairly in my response.

Well, that's about it. So how about Tom Fulp's baby? That's some silly news!

Anyway, thanks for reading this boring message, now go out and enjoy a random picture!


Posted by sumidiotdude - October 26th, 2008

Up until now I've used this account to submit my most horrible creations, that, for some reason, felt too embarrassing to showcase, even on my over clogged main account. But now that the shit has hit the fan I feel it's time to reveal my true identity.

You see I'm acually Tom Cruise. Many people have suspected this and it was starting to catch on so I figure I'd just let the secret out. But I sure did fool a bunch of you huh? I bet many of you are reading this and thinking "the xbox is SURELY not better than an ps3" and thats completely natural but when you return to this post after sobering up you may begin to wonder why, WHY did you fool us all Tom Cruise?! And to answer that question I call forth my surprise witness:

I as well have a confession to make