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sumidiotdude's News

Posted by sumidiotdude - September 7th, 2009


Also, hit me up with a URL if you want me to review your work.


Posted by sumidiotdude - August 16th, 2009

As Morgan Freeman once said, "Another Clock Day has come and gone". Clock Day is my favorite Newgrounds holiday, and it's always a good day for protection points as you know. Luckily I got 500+ protection points and climbed 50+ ranks in B/P. My favorite submission was The Crew Talks Art, KartuneHustla's ridiculous sense of humor really pulled through in this piece.

In other news, I submitted another lack of effort flash, B in Greek, and I got co-authored in a random flash called Sanford and Clock. Thanks for getting into the Clock Day 2009 collection for me, you guys rock!

Also, my friend Sexican made this Clock Day flash called Night of the Night Owl, could you recommend it to the Clock Day 2009 collection? It would be a HUGE help.

Also if you want a review for your work, leave me the URL and I'll get to it.

Leave me some love,

Posted by sumidiotdude - August 2nd, 2009

Gather round everyone...

If anyone needs a review for their work I'd be glad to help out. In other news my clock day piece is coming together nicely and hopefully it will do better than my previous lame ones (and anyhting is better than those). Also, I am obsessed with this song I heard in the audio portal, it needs to be noticed. Alright, see you all later.

Leave me some love,


Posted by sumidiotdude - July 15th, 2009


Also, listen to this crazy song.

Perhaps this Count Boogie is a rising star?

Thanks to my man antigenalvin for creating a birthday thread for me as well.


Posted by sumidiotdude - June 20th, 2009

As you have seen in many other posts, it is clear to say that the new Art Portal is amazing (just ask Tankman Bob Ross). Even I submitted art, though after looking at other people's art it is easy to say that mine is inferior to their's. Feel free to review my art, help me out by giving me some pointers on how to improve. I want to learn shading because I seem to just be doing trial and error whenever I attempt it, so some tips on that would be very helpful. I'll review yours back too.

My hometown Pittsburgh Penguins won the Stanley Cup this year and I could not be happier. I currently live in North Carolina so my friends are made at all my gloating. I was actually with my Uncle at a Tampa Bay Rays game and we left to a bar to go watch the rest of game seven. Right after the game we had to leave because it was 21 and up only. My dad even bought an infatable Stanley Cup, it is the centerpiece of our living room at the moment. Congrats to the Red Wings for putting up a good series.

I hit 1,000 reviews today and I want to keep up a steady pace, so I'd be glad to review any flash, audio, and now art! Just leave the URL in the comment below and I'll review it as soon as possible.

Also, if any of you are fans of Arrested Development or the Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien I'd like to talk. Two of my favorite shows and I'm curious about what other users think of the shows.

That sums up my news post. Leave me some love,

Art Portal is amazing. Penguins are Stanley Cup champs! Need a review?

Posted by sumidiotdude - June 5th, 2009

If anyone is interested in some news without Huey Lewis, I'm working on a Clock Day flash that (unlinke my previously submitted ones) actually contains effort. I may need some voice actors in the near future to help me out with it, so if you would like to take part in it just say so.

Once again, if you would like a review of your audio or flash just leave the link to the submission and I'll get onto reviewing it ASAP.

Onto the good stuff. Let me start out by saying that ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT IS THE GREATEST SHOW IN THE HISTORY OF TELEVISION.

Hopefully you fans of the show will agree with me. My dad works for FOX and he was trying to get me to watch the show back in its prime. I have always been a big Will Arnett fan, but I never got into the show when they still made new episodes. I just got a new channel on my television called HDnet, and recently they have been playing every episode of the show from opening episode to finale. I am so disappointed that I had not watched the show sooner. I'm dying to talk to other users about the show, characters, quotes, and episodes, so please leave your thoughts. I will gladly respond to all the comments on the page.

Always remember, FRANKLIN COMES ALIVE!

Leave me some love,

Let's talk Arrested Development. Clock Day project, need a review?

Posted by sumidiotdude - May 21st, 2009

I am very excited about the Pittsburgh Penguins taking a 2-0 lead over the Carolina Hurricanes so far. I was born in Pittsburgh, so naturally I'm a Penguins fan. I currently live in North Carolina, so I'm going to see both teams play on Saturday in Raleigh! It will be weird being one of the few Penguin fans attending the game, buthopefully this will be a small step towards the Penguin's chase to the Stanley Cup. Feel free to talk about the playoffs here, I am in need of a conversation.

I'm working on a new Clock Day flash, and believe me, it kicks the crap out of my submissions from last year, mainly because this one actually involves effort. I may need some voices for it later, so if any of you are voice actors I'd gladly co-author you when the project is released.

Also, if you would like a review of you audio or flash submissions I'd be glad to help. Just post the link to the submission you would like me to review.

Check out my friend Brian Fellows below, he is crazy.

Leave me some love,

Go Penguins! Clock Day project too, need a review?

Posted by sumidiotdude - May 7th, 2009

As Morgan Freeman once said, "Another Pico Day has come and gone." For some reason this one seemed to just fly by. I was hoping to submit a Pico themed game this year, but I unfortunately stalled too long, but my friend and I might pick up the project later this year. My personal favorites for Pico Day were Pico 09, Dad n' Me Beginnings, Life in the Portal: Pico, and Fatherly Bonds. My favorite games were Bad Taste of Pico and Escape Pico's School. I thought there was a good response of artists who submitted this year, hopefully next year will be even better.

I finally made the Top 100 Reviewers List, joining the list at number 99. CONGRATULATE ME NOW. I would really like to stay on the list, so post the link to any of your flashes or audio you would like me to review.

Once again, join these clubs:
Catholic Crew
The Office Fan Club
American Idol Club
[adult swim club]

Leave me some love,

Pico Day in retrospect, need a review?

Posted by sumidiotdude - April 22nd, 2009

Hello Newgrounders,

Just posting a little update to inform you that my bro Flash-Gamers and I are working an a game for Pico Day. Were aiming at a Street Fighteresque (dictionary?) game, but we are expecting the turnout to be pretty good. Hope that you all check it out!

Another quickie, if anyone needs a review for a flash or audio submission I'd be glad to spot you one. If I do review, please be kind enough to respond, and don't say "review all of my flash", it just bugs the crap out of me.

To finish my note, I'll recommend some of the clubs I'm in that are worth joining:

Catholic Crew
The Office Fan Club
American Idol Club
[adult swim club]

I guess that's it. Leave me some love,

Awesome picture below.

Pico Day Flash coming up, need a review?

Posted by sumidiotdude - April 7th, 2009

Lately, the Chinese government appears to have ALL HAIL HYPNOTOAD

Why Newgrounds is ALL HAIL HYPNOTOAD