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sumidiotdude's News

Posted by sumidiotdude - December 29th, 2019

I haven't made a news post in over eight years, so I guess now would be as good a time as any to make one since a few moments ago I became the 199th user to reach Level 60!

Took me 4,438 days to do it (12 years, 1 month, 25 days) - nearly half my life ago!

I remember waiting up past midnight over a decade ago to watch Pimp become the first user to reach level 60, it was on or around Clock Day that year so it felt like an even bigger a deal since the community was in a big celebrating mood. For some reason I was obsessed with refreshing his page to get the first screenshot of his userpage with the level 60 icon to share with everyone. I don't know why, but since I'm in a nostalgic mood, I'll just say it was because I loved this site and the community so much.

One weird memory is around 2008/2009, long before I had my own computer, where it was 11:53pm and I was fighting in my head on whether I should run downstairs and boot up our ancient computer just to deposit my daily experience points. Of course I did it with seconds to spare, but again, it all stemmed from how much this site was on my mind back in the day.

I remember messaging Pimp to see what was the last flash he voted on to reach level 60 on the night he reached that milestone since I thought that would be a really unique accolade for that submission. In a similar fashion, here's the flash that was the last one I needed to vote on to reach Level 60, it's pretty trippy and I dig it!

Wishing the Newgrounds community all the best in the next decade!



Posted by sumidiotdude - June 13th, 2011

Monday: Hustlin'

Tuesday: Hustlin'

Wednesday: Hustlin'

Thursday: Hustlin'

Friday: Hustlin'

Saturday: Hustlin'

Sunday: Hustlin'

July 21 - 24: Comic-Con

Tentative Summer Calendar

Posted by sumidiotdude - February 5th, 2011

See you ninjas in San Diego.

Just booked my tickets for Comic-Con 2011.

Posted by sumidiotdude - November 27th, 2010

That conquer my mind...

I just listened to my complete discography of Bob Dylan and was reminded why I love him.

Bob Dylan Fanclub

These visions of Johanna...

Posted by sumidiotdude - November 11th, 2010

This is.

/* */
When I first discovered this Pokémon like 9 years ago, I had more of an internet presence than him and I figured nobody would notice. Now I'm seeing his name more and more and I'd rather not have people think I'm him. REALLY RATHER.

Soooo I'm changing my name to something more unique. I was thinking Davidzx, but it's kind of ugly to say out loud.

I'd ask for suggestions, but I know how you cr**as are. Somebody'll go make an account with that name just to be a weenie HAWAII FIVEOH

I'm not really Yungjazz.

Posted by sumidiotdude - October 16th, 2010

One of the best concerts I've seen in a long time.

His voice is even more raspy than usual and he definitely doesn't have the pipes he used to, but he knows how to put on a show. He presence on the stage is visible and for every harmonica solo he would move to the center of the stage and hold one arm out and lean back looking incredibly bad ass.

He opened with Leopard-Skinned Pill-Box Hat which I was unfamiliar with but enjoyed, then played Lay Lady Lay which he had only performed seven times on his tour that;s been going on since March so I was thrilled.

He played Just Like a Woman which was awesome because he let the crowd sing the chorus to which he simply said nasally after the crowd had finished "Juuuuust like a womaannnn." The funny thing was he changed the arrangement of close to every song he played and no one in the crowd recognized this song, but once he said "just like a woman" the crowd went crazy.

After that he played Tangled Up in Blue, my original favorite song of his, which the crowd recognized immediately. He skipped a few verses of it but the guitar sounded great. Like I said, he changed up the timing of the chorus but his new version of it sounded good.

The next one he played that caught my ear was Highway 61 Revisited which he turned into a ten minute instrumental, I love the whole Highway 61 Revisited album so this was definitely a treat.

Love Sick and Thunder on the Mountain were both good after that, all I can say.

He then closed with Ballad of a Thin Man which sounded amazing, the background behind him had Bob's shadow larger than anyone else in his band and the background was spooky creating a cool effect. The song is so spooky itself and the tone he sings in now made it sound great.

The crowd screamed and clapped for an encore, so out Dylan came for more.

He played Jolene which sounded awesome, and then transitioned immediately into Like a Rolling Stone. Dylan's voice wasn't too powerful, but for this one at the bridges to the chorus (e.g. "scrounging for your next meeeeeal") he belted out, along with "OH HOOOOOOW DOES IT FEEEEEEL?". The crowd was going wild, this was probably his best vocal performance of the night.

He then thanked his band he played and acted like the concert was over, when suddenly...

Dylan bangs out the opening guitar for All Along the Watchtower and I was jumping up and down. I wanted him to play this so bad and it happening so suddenly blew my mind. The guitar sounded slightly Hendrix but Dylan showed that he does the best version of it, my favorite performance of the night.

Anyway, he was great and would love to see him again. I was disappointed he didn't play my favorites like Maggie's Farm, Subterranean Homesick Blues, or Visions of Johanna, but I honestly couldn't expect him to play everything. It still was an all-star set list and he played 17 songs in 90 minutes, that must be a world record considering how long most of his songs are.

Hit me up on last.fm if you have an account, I'd love to talk about music with some of you guys. Add me: http://www.last.fm/user/sumidiotdude.

Here's the set list if you're interested.

Here's a pic (Dylan is the one in the hat at center stage in front of the mic):

Just saw Bob Dylan in concert.

Posted by sumidiotdude - August 16th, 2010

Well, Clock Day wasn't what I had hoped it would be this year, especially having only a third of the submissions we had two years ago, but it was still an enjoyable experience. Next year will be a HUGE, HUGE I TELL YA! It being the tenth anniversary and all, I think we'd be in for a ton of surprises.

I got co-authored in 19 submissions which is funny because on August 14th I had only 8 submissions, and two days later I have 27. And because I suck at flash, I continued my pointless series of Clock Day flashes. Could you be a doll and recommend it to the Clock Day '10 collection for me? I'll give you some links:

B in Phoenician
B in Etruscan
and maybe my favorite flash in a long time
The Ballad of a Big Dummy

Recommending each to the Clock Day '10 collection would be awesome, I really appreciate it. Also, if anyone wants a review for art, flash, or audio, I'd be glad to do so. Just leave the url in the comments below and I'll get to it. All I ask is that you respond to the review and give me specific links to go to, not just "review all my flash." Trust me, it's annoying.

Anyway, I hope you all had a good Clock Day and hopefully I'll see you all around.

Leave me some love,



Clock Day in retrospect, need a review?

Posted by sumidiotdude - July 12th, 2010

Don't tempt me to take a picture of myself without a shirt, believe me, I will.

If anyone wants a review for their work just leave me the URL in your comments, I'll get to it ASAP.

My birthday is on the 15th so wish me happy birthday or I will be forced to mate with you (unless you want that).

I'm leaving this news post short so the comments may commence.

Leave me some love,


[subject to change]

Posted by sumidiotdude - June 14th, 2010

I only put art in quotations because it isn't really art but more of an illustration, but I am happy with it since I have such limited artistic abilities. But anyway, if you would like a review for your art, audio, or flash I'd be glad to review it if you would review my new piece here. Once you review it, leave the URL of your work you would like in my post, NOT IN THE REVIEW OF MY ART. And give me specific links, do not state "review my stuff" or "check out my flashes."

Plus, here's something I think is meaningless but cool... THE 100TH REVIEWER WILL GET TO NAME THE GUY IN MY ART PIECE!

Anyway, here's the link to my new art piece again, review it and I'd be glad to review the work you send me.

Leave me some love,


The pic below makes me happy for some reason.

Need a review? Check out my new "art!"

Posted by sumidiotdude - May 21st, 2010

Don't laugh at it. I hate it. And it was thrown together in an evening. Shut up. I hate everyone. Make fun of it. Destroy it. Make it a pandemic. I don't care. Just leave. Don't judge me. Judge me. All you do is use me. Don't laugh, your instinct will tell you not to, so don't. I'm not encouraging anything. Just leave me alone.

/* */
GIMME GIMME GIMME hateful comments.

Be prepared not to laugh at this video.