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I haven't made a news post in over eight years, so I guess now would be as good a time as any to make one since a few moments ago I became the 199th user to reach Level 60!

Took me 4,438 days to do it (12 years, 1 month, 25 days) - nearly half my life ago!

I remember waiting up past midnight over a decade ago to watch Pimp become the first user to reach level 60, it was on or around Clock Day that year so it felt like an even bigger a deal since the community was in a big celebrating mood. For some reason I was obsessed with refreshing his page to get the first screenshot of his userpage with the level 60 icon to share with everyone. I don't know why, but since I'm in a nostalgic mood, I'll just say it was because I loved this site and the community so much.

One weird memory is around 2008/2009, long before I had my own computer, where it was 11:53pm and I was fighting in my head on whether I should run downstairs and boot up our ancient computer just to deposit my daily experience points. Of course I did it with seconds to spare, but again, it all stemmed from how much this site was on my mind back in the day.

I remember messaging Pimp to see what was the last flash he voted on to reach level 60 on the night he reached that milestone since I thought that would be a really unique accolade for that submission. In a similar fashion, here's the flash that was the last one I needed to vote on to reach Level 60, it's pretty trippy and I dig it!

Wishing the Newgrounds community all the best in the next decade!


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Added to levels for Time Fcuk Sep 17, 2009.

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